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Applying for a Site Certificate
When you apply for Site Certificate from Thawte or Verisign they will require prove of 'business' - either a copy of your business license or a listing with Dun & Bradstreet. 

They will verify your business license against the Internic 'Who Is' records to ensure you have authorization to use the  

During the process of 'applying' for your Site Certificate a 'key' will need to be generated and provided by your ISP.  This key (aka CSR) is submitted to the authorizing authority (Verisign or Thawte) during the application process.

Once all the records have been verified and the fees submitted, a Site Certificate will generated for  The Site Certificate is tied to the domain name and ISP webserver software. Verisign or Thawte will notify the ISP that the process is complete and they may retrieve the second portion of the 'key pair'.  The ISP will install the remaining piece and the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) can become active.

*If you decide to more your site in the future and the ISP you are moving to uses the same type of  'webserver' software you can request your Site Certificate to be exported so it can be installed on the ISP server.
When a web visitor types in in their browser software and they request to enter your secure area the request to initiate an encrypted data transmission will be passed to the web server. 

The web server will validate that the key matches the domain name, has not expired - and initiate the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted data transmission mode.

A message and/or key will be displayed on the visitors browser to let them know they are entering secure information.

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