Your business should have an effective website - the statistics are overwhelming.  The Internet is the marketing medium of the new millennium.  Never have businesses been in the position to leverage sales as with the Internet.  You receive worldwide exposure 7days a week, 24 hours a day. 

....but not only are the statistics overwhelming, so is the concept of building a website.  

You've researched web hosting  - pricing is broken down into bandwidth, disk space, and computer platform (Unix / NT).  E-commerce solutions are based on how many products you offer.  And if you need help??? - customer service -  will you talk to a real person? How are you suppose to know all this before you have a website?

You've researched web development  - if you've seen 'standard' pricing - without having to first commit to a 'consultation' - the pricing is all over the board.  One company may quote you $5,000 for development, while another one offers it for free.  How can you be sure you're going to receive the best value for your money? 

....Let us help you put the puzzle pieces together - 

Our strategy at Affluency Webs is to provide you with affordable, professional, effective  website development,  web hosting, E-commerce solutions, Internet Marketing, Graphic Design and more...Our goals are:

  • Keep it Simple - Web Hosting and Development packages are presented in easy to understand terms. Feel free to contact us for your 'Free' consultation, or for a capped project pricing quote on your project - no obligations
  • Capped Project Pricing - We will present you with a 'cap' on your project, that way you can accurately budget for your website investment. Hourly rates are also available.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - We are so sure you will be happy with our services, that we are willing to make this offer. *restrictions do apply.
  • Customer Service - Fast, courteous response to all your problems.
  • Choice of Services - Whether you need Website Development and Web Hosting, or 'just' Website Development (or some help with yours), or 'just' Web Hosting we are here to serve you.


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